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bw will not enter ejc


Badminton Wales Will Not Be Entering EJC

Badminton Wales would like to announce that with regret, it will not be entering a Team/Individual in the European Junior Championships in 2020.

Communications with a variety of inputs has been continuous and Badminton Wales have come to the conclusion that, in the current climate, it is not possible to guarantee the appropriate Safeguarding of both Player and Management.

BW realises how disappointing this news may come to those players who have put so much effort in to attempting to make the team and for this BW sincerely apologises.  However, in these unprecedented times, sending a Junior Team to a multi-nation event in Oct/Nov when the control of transmission of Covid 19 is still unclear, would be a risk that we are unwilling to take.

Badminton Wales has no doubt about the effort and control mechanisms that both Badminton Europe and the Finland Badminton Association will put in to delivering a safe and successful event and we hope that the event runs smoothly and successfully.  We will be extending our apologies to both and wish them every success.  Unfortunately, it is an event that will not have any Welsh representation.

This means that the current U19 group of players will not have a specific event for them, but Badminton Wales is committed to finding some form of replacement event in 2021 when conditions are clearer.