BISI at Greenway Primary

Posted by Laura Morgan at 11:09 on 29 September 2015

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On Thursday 24th September, Greenway Primary had their first BISI session delivered in preparation of their after-school club. The BISI session was delivered to Year 4 pupils, many of whom had never played badminton before. The session started with a warm up game of ‘Blow the Shuttle’ which the children found really fun and mastered the skills required for the game very quickly. Next, it was time for racket and shuttle games/activities. This part of the session included keepy-ups and freestyle keepy-ups. The children loved this part of the session as they were able to compete to see who could do the most.  

The session then moved onto serving. To work on this, skill hoops were set up one side of the net which the children had to aim for whilst serving over the net. Points were given for shuttles that landed in the hoops. This activity is a fun, cross curricular activity as the children need to draw on their mathematics skills to work out scores. To finish off the session, the children played ‘throwminton’ which is a great, inclusive game for the children to play.

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Teacher Simon Evans will be starting an after-school club at the school which will run every Tuesday.  

Simon commented, 

“I am looking forward to getting the club up and running. I am a keen badminton player and want to give the children the opportunity to learn how to play badminton too. The BISI resource is really good, it’s full of lesson plans and activity cards and has plenty of things to keep them motivated.”

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