Badminton Wales announces new Level 1 Advanced coaching award

Posted by Rob Short at 02:12 on 16 December 2013

Badminton Wales Level 1 Advanced Coaching Award

Coaching Awards

Badminton Wales is set to deliver a new stand-alone coaching award early in 2014.

Called the Badminton Wales Level 1 Advanced award, the new qualification will allow coaches to carry out stand-alone coaching within specified areas of activity within Wales.

The award takes two days, the first of which involves delivery by a tutor of three instructive CPD modules. These modules develop further key areas of UKCC Level 1 and provide coaches with essential knowledge which will better enable them to provide quality learning experiences to players. Day 2 consists of an assessment where candidates will be expected to demonstrate that they have achieved learning and are able to deliver sessions at BW Advanced Award level.

The three CPD modules consist of

Footwork and movement skills
Feeding skills
Progressing technical practices

Candidates will have to be existing UKCC level 1 holders and will still need a UKCC level 2 qualification to be able to coach independently outwith Wales.

Dates and details of the new award will be on the BW website early in 2014.

CEO Eddie O Neill commented

“UKCC Level 1 is a good qualification which has added value to the knowledge base of those who hold it, however the demography of Wales has meant that it’s been pretty much impossible to build up a UKCC Level 2 population who are able to mentor Level 1 coaches. In that respect it hasn’t served us well and we need to address the shortage of deployed coaches that are working in Wales. With this qualification coaches will have the best of what UKCC L1 has to offer plus invaluable technical information via the BW L1 Advanced award.“