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badminton and mental health


Badminton and Mental Health

On World Mental Health Day, we don't want anybody to feel alone. Did you know that around 10 million adults will experience a mental health struggle each year? Did you also know that badminton is one of the best ways to reduce loneliness? For many, it quickly becomes a "second family."

As a sport goes, badminton is brilliant at:

 Increasing endorphins - all of those happy neurotransmitters start buzzing whilst you're on court!
 Giving you a good nights sleep and improving mood.
 Reducing your cortisol levels which reduces stress, anxiety and depression.
 Improving your concentration, along with your teamwork skills and spacial awareness.
 Engaging your brain in a positive way. Every time you choose how to serve, whether to net, kill or lift - you're improving your decision making skills on the spot!
 Boosting confidence levels through social interaction.
 Improving body positivity - look at all the amazing things your body can do!

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