Andrew Elias's Hidden Talent

Posted by Carissa Turner at 02:07 on 5 July 2016

Badminton Wales Line Judge, Andrew Elias became 'Facebook Famous' last month when he took to a piano in the middle of Cardiff city centre.  'Wales Online' reported on the occasion and posted a video which captures Andrew showcasing his skills. You can read the article and watch the video clip here: 

andrew elias

(Andrew, second from the left, at an umpires course)

Andrew is one of our many dedicated volunteers, who is also a keen photographer and managed to capture some great action shots of our players at this years European Championships in France.

After seeing his mesmerising performance in Cardiff, we caught up with him for a mini interview.

When did you begin playing the piano?

I had lessons for 2 to 3 years in high school, but nothing for a while once I had left school. Then Dixons (now Curry's) where I have worked for the last 33 years, started selling Electronic Keyboards and I got interested again!

What is your favourite genre of music?

Easy - Boogie Woogie!

Where do you play currently? 

I practice mostly at home these days. I do often travel to Piano Concerts/Festivals, sometimes as an "Official Photographer" where my level of playing allows me to 'hold my own' at After Show Parties and informal gatherings/jam sessions etc. Here's a good example of this (I get involved 5 minutes into the Movie Clip):

You seem to be a man of many talents; lines judge, photographer and pianist. Why did you become a badminton lines judge?

I am an ex player. My highest ranking was 16 for Singles in Wales in the late 1980's.

Then came the day at the Welsh Internationals when they were short and Lyndon Williams saddled up to me spectating in the stands and asked me would I run a line for him. I actually remember saying 'no' but Lyndon can be very persuasive, in the nicest positive way, and so began my Line-Judging career!


What do you find most rewarding about being a lines judge?

Fairly easy; the MAIN reason - best seat in the house to watch a sport you love!

I very much enjoy the Team spirit and camaraderie that you get at most Tournaments, especially the bigger ones like the Olympics and Commonwealth Games, Sudirman Cup and European Championships, all of which I have been lucky enough to attend! Also, I LOVE TRAVEL! It's good to have reasons to travel, and Badminton is one of my best reasons, along with music of course.

What events do you have lined up next? (Badminton and Piano)

Piano is easy - UK International Boogie Woogie Festival, 1st week of July.

Badminton - In March and April I judge at the New Zealand Open and, as you know, the European Championships.

Of course I'll also be at the Welsh International in December, and probably one other overseas event, as well as The All-England Championships in Feb/March 2017.

Perhaps Andrew will play us a tune at the Welsh International later this year!