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agm postponed


AGM Postponed: From the desk of the CEO

Dear Members


With the major disruption to the 2019/20 season and the very low response for member attendance (2 in total) for this year’s AGM I have recommended to Board, who are in agreement, that we postpone the AGM until Q1 2021.  Our current voting members are our County Associations = previously 8 members, at present 4.  The County structure isn’t representative of  the way that Badminton is delivered throughout Wales and therefore our membership is not being represented fully at BW AGMs.  We need to get to a level of attendance that is truly representative of our membership and I don’t believe that this is what we currently have. 


COVID-19 has brought about many changes with many positives emerging from the situation.  BW have begun monthly  zoom meetings with Clubs throughout Wales which has been very positively received and something that will continue to develop throughout the pandemic and beyond.  Badminton Wales engagement with the membership is key in order to grow and develop Badminton throughout Wales.  The National Governing Body needs the support of the membership to drive the Vision for Badminton in Wales.  Together we can, and having input from the members is key to ensure the Badminton Community is involved and part of shaping and driving the vision of our sport.


Over the next few months I will be in touch with a new AGM date, in the meantime please email through your thoughts of how we can ensure that our membership is truly represented?


Kind regards,

Kelly Aston, MBE OLY