A brief introduction from General Manager Sue Maughan

Posted by Laura Morgan at 12:10 on 26 October 2015

Following the formal announcement of my appointment of General Manager with Badminton Wales on the website I thought I’d formally introduce myself to you.

I’m delighted to be taking on the role of Interim General Manager with Badminton Wales and as I just start my 3rd day with the organisation I can already see that there are a wealth of passionate people involved in the sport who are committed to offering as many opportunities to people as possible and raising standards within the game.  Whatever role you play in the Badminton family, participant, coach, umpire, volunteer, and lots more besides I recognise it is a vital one.

I will be working with Badminton Wales for three days a week, balancing this with my post in Sport Wales, so it may be that I am not always able to respond to any queries immediately but I will endeavour to respond as soon as I can.  I also know that I won’t always have an immediate answer but will endeavour to be able to get back to you.  I also appreciate that the answer that I give won’t always be the one you want, but I’m keen to have healthy discussion with the clear end goals of improving the sport. 

My role over the next 6 months will be to support Badminton Wales operationally whilst securing funding from Sport Wales in what is an ever increasing challenging financial climate with partners being asked to plan for funding cuts of between 5 and 10% from Sport Wales over the next few years.  This isn’t an easy message to manage, but it’s the reality of the financial climate we’re living in, funded as we are through the public sector.  This will obviously mean we need to be even more focussed in making sure the funding from Sport Wales continues to deliver increases in membership and participation as well as supporting players to achieve at the highest level.  

The recent results of the School sport survey  shows that 48% of children are now hooked on sport and Badminton Wales has played a key role in this.  However, all organisations are being challenged to deliver more quality experiences for young people, supported by a growing workforce and strong vibrant clubs.  I know Badminton Wales can rise to this challenge.

Together with the Board I will also be looking to bring the Badminton Wales Strategy to life to capitalise on the opportunities.  The Board itself knows it needs to go through some change and be strengthened, bringing in more people with the skills to support the future direction. 

Over the coming months I look forward to meeting or engaging with you

Sue Maughan

Interim General Manager
Badminton Wales