2016 Shuttle Camp

Posted by Carissa Turner at 09:08 on 11 August 2016

SC Team

Over the past two days, 18 juniors have taken part in the 2016 Shuttle Camp lead by DG coach, Shu Nin Mo. The Shuttle Camp is aimed towards those players who compete in the Junior Shuttle Circuit competitions across Wales throughout the season. The players appeared to thoroughly enjoy themselves over the two days, with many making noticeable progress by the end of play on Thursday.

In this instance, it was not only the players who enjoyed themselves in developing skills. As assistant coaches; Megan Pritchard, Simon Pill and Simon Ewins, also gained some valuable experience during the camp.

SC Rally

One of these assistant Coaches was Welsh Junior Squad member, Megan Pritchard. She said; "It has been a great experience for me and really interesting to get involved in coaching rather than playing. I never knew how tiring coaching could be!"

The camp, held in the Sport Wales National Centre in Cardiff, took place on the 10th and 11th of August and provided players with 6 hours of intense, high quality training.  The first day was very much skill based, whilst the second day saw the players incorporate what they had learnt the previous day and apply it to match situations. 

SC Hall

Keen doubles player, Dylan Colmer has attended several Shuttle Camps over the years. He commented: "As usual, I've learnt a lot over these 2 days. I especially enjoyed the smash - kill routine, and the matches at the end of the camp."

A big thank you goes to our volunteer coaches for their hard work over the two days!

For more information on this season's Junior Shuttle Circuit, please click here or contact Carissa Turner