2015 Yonex Welsh International - Day 1

Posted by Rob Short at 10:11 on 26 November 2015

It was qualification day at the 2015 Yonex Welsh International and a good one for Welsh players Tsung Fong Mo and Jordan Hart who both progressed to day 2 of the tournament with 2 excellent victories.

In the Men’s Singles Tsung Fong Mo enjoyed tough 3 set wins over England’s George Priestman and Sam Lyle and will now face England’s James Farmer in the 3rd qualifying round. Joining them are England’s Adam Dolman, Darren Adamson, Rohan Midha, Michael Spencer- Smith, Joshua Young and Ross Green together with Ireland’s Joshua Magee, India’s Aditya Prakash, Scotland’s Ben Torrance and Matt Carder, Chinese Taipei’s Chia Hao Lee, Poland’s Mateusz Swierczynki, Germany’s Alexander Roovers and Spain’s Luis Enrique Penalver. There was no joy for Wales’ Will Kitching, Scott Oates and Matthew Pritchard who all went out in difficult 1st round matches.

In the Women’s Singles Wales’ Jordan Hart, Aimee Moran and Gean Sou Mo all won their 1st round matches with Gean Sou, in particular, having a hard battle against England’s Til’Shiloh Shaw before eventually prevailing 23-21 in the 3rd set. In the 2nd round Hart and Mo then faced each other for a place in the main draw with Hart moving forward with a close 2 set victory 21-19, 21-18. Moran faced Poland’s Anna Narel losing a tight 3 setter 18-21 in the 3rd set.  Joining Hart and Narel in the main draw are England’s Paige Butler, Miu Lin Ngan, Tsui-Yee Lau and Devon Minnis, Bulgaria’s Mariya Mitsova and Switzerland’s Cendrine Hantz. 

Gean Sou Mo - WINT 2015

In the Men’s Doubles Wales’ Scott and Andrew Oates lost a close 2 setter to England’s George Priestman & Nathan Rossiter who progressed to the main draw alongside England’s Dominic Ashton & Jamie Cheung and Callum Henning & Johnnie Torjussen together with the Anglo-Scottish pairing of Chris Coles & Adam Hall.

In the Mixed Doubles Wales’ brother and sister pairing of Tsung Fong and Gean Sou Mo and the Anglo-Wales pairing of Will Kitching and Til’Shiloh Shaw both went down in tough 3 set matches. Moving into the main draw are England’s Zach Russ & Sian Kelly and David Jones & Freya Patel-Redfearn.

WINT 2015 - Image 1

Today sees the 3rd qualifying round of the Men’s Singles followed by the 1st round of the Main Draw and we look forward to another exciting day’s play.

The full set of results can be found on Tournament Software.