2013 Scottish Training Camp

Posted by Rob Short at 02:08 on 22 August 2013

2013 Scottish Training Camp

14 HP and DG juniors along with 3 coaches recently headed to Scotland for a 3 day training camp. The camp was run by Craig Robertson and Julie Hogg and has a great reputation for both hard work and enjoyment. Some of the players involved have provided a review of their experiences.


“I thought the training camp was a valuable experience for both us players and the coaches. We were introduced to new routines and alternative training methods. These were always physically demanding but often fun and competitive. The Scottish coaches and players were both welcoming and friendly and we were soon training as a single unit, rather than as separate countries. We managed to compact a week or so of training into the 3 days and, as well as intense training, we were given room to relax and enjoy our stay at Carronvale House.” 


“I thoroughly enjoyed the the training camp, even though I was extremely nervous about going to begin with.

As soon as we met Craig and Julie, we knew that they were going to train us very hard, but I also found that they seemed very cheery and friendly. The training was hard work and I still ache from it but I feel that the positives of the camp outweigh this by far. We were all given individual attention from the coaches, where they worked on what they felt we needed a bit of help with, and by the time we left I think that everyone had some useful advice they could use to improve their game.

The camp wasn't just a way to get in some hard training and expert advice from some great coaches, it was also a great social event. We all met new people and became good friends with many of them. Although everyone had been groaning about how tired they were, I think most of us were quite sad to leave the camp behind”.


“good, demanding physical training; really enjoyable even if very hard at the time, nice to see how other nations train , developed existing skills further, e.g. defending with right leg slightly further back than left leg gives me more room to play shots, good to have new / different coach opinions . Really enjoyed mixed doubles with Julie.”


“We got up at 5 o'clock on Wednesday to catch the train from Chester to Edinburgh. The train departed at 6.30am. After finding our seats, I slept for most of the journey there until I was woken up due to a change of route at Warrington Bank Quay. There was a 10 minute wait for the next train to come in which was fortunately a direct route straight to Edinburgh. Once the train arrived in Edinburgh we had to switch once again to get to Larbert station where the place where we would be staying was just 5 minutes away. We were met and picked up by Megan's and Morgan's fathers who would transport us to the facility where we would stay and play.

Although we had arrived late, we still had some time to play and shake off any stiffness or tiredness. For the hour we were there, we had a mini team challenge playing doubles for a point where the winner stays on but for a maximum of 3 games. The hour was up as we rushed off to have some lunch. We were fed jacket potatoes with ham or cheese and salad. After lunch we were split up into two groups, group 1 would stay in the facility where we would stay, and the other group would travel to Stenhousemuir sports centre for a session with Craig Robertson. The session was on defence and I thoroughly enjoyed it as I learnt a lot of new features about it. Also it was a lot of fun as we had a defence challenge and the winner would get a Yonex prize.

We didn't have too long as we had to be back at the house for tea at 7.30pm. After tea we had a fun hour and a half playing games and other fun activities.

The curfew was 10:45 so we had to abide by that to get enough sleep so we lasted the 3 tough days. Once again we were up TOO early and had our continental breakfast at 7am to keep us going through until lunch.

In the morning session we were doing a lot of circuits and activities that would suit and benefit our badminton. The session was quite tough, but also quite fun.

At lunch time we had baguettes and a lot of side snacks to flavour the baguettes.

Like Wednesday, session 2 was 2 groups being split up into different halls, the first group again stayed in the National Training Centre, whereas group 2 went with Julie Hogg to Stenhousemuir sports centre. I went with Julie to Stenhousemuir, where we did a physical attacking session which completely tired me out...thanks Julie! We went back for our tea where we had a chicken curry which was delicious. After that we had the last session of the day, once again being a fun styled session with a few games and activities to finish off a hard day's work. We had supper straight after which was toast and basically just to chill out before the last yet hardest day of the three. Again we went to bed at 10:45pm. It was Friday morning, and I was feeling fresh...ish. We had breakfast again which consisted of a bacon roll and toast. The first session was a fitness session, where one group went with Craig to do a run and the other would do a High Intensity session with Julie. Both sessions were extremely physically hard but we managed to get through both sessions. The run was a mixture of continuous sprints and jogs for 5 minutes with a 3 minute rest period and the high intensity session was a variety of non-stop continuous routines which hurt all parts of my legs.

After that we rushed to get some lunch, which again was baguettes and side snacks. Almost forgot, and some of Elliot's birthday cake as it was his birthday. The final session of the camp was a team competition where we split up into equal teams and played a variety of matches to try and win. Technically my team won in the time we had, but the opposition team claimed they won as they won the final challenge.

Overall the house was excellent, nice and clean and had a lot of activities to keep us occupied, the sessions were hard working and fantastic and I learnt a lot of new routines and tips. I would love to go again if I had the chance to.“