Badminton Wales

1st great orme junior tournament


What a great first tournament this turned out to be with 50 juniors playing 126 hard fought games. The tournament saw some experienced tournament players competing but sprinkled into the mix were some young players, with some playing for the first time at this level.

The U-12 Boys and Girls Singles were combined for the group stage. In group A the winner was 8 year old Nirek Jaglan (Cheshire) with the runner-up as 9 year old Amelie Chandran (Great Orme, Conwy). Into the semi-finals went Nirek and Oliver Clements (Stella Maris, Conwy) who finished 3rd in the group A. In group B the winner was Johan Vargahase (North East Wales) with the runner-up being Robbi Roy (Cheshire) 
The 1st semi-final was an all Cheshire event with Nirek Jaglan beating Robbi Roy and in the 2nd semi-final Johan Varghase beat Oliver Clements. This set up a final between the top two seeds with Johan Varghase coming out on top.

In the Girls event Evie Thomas (Llanfairfechan, Conwy) had beaten Erin Lauder (Great Orme, Conwy) in the Boys group B and then played and won the final against Amelie Chandran.

The U-14/16 Girls Singles was won by Grace Evans (North East Wales) who defeated Joanna Li (Stella Maris, Conwy) in the final. Mia Evans (Vardre, Conwy) reached the semi-finals where she met the top seed and eventual winner Grace. 9 year old Amelie Chandran (Great Orme, Conwy) won group B but was beaten by Joanna Li. From the combined event Manasa Hegde (Great Orme, Conwy) won the U-16 Girls Singles.

Next event to complete was the U-14 Boys Singles where from Group A and going into the semi-finals went James Moore (Great Orme/Stella Maris, Conwy) and Simon Tint (Great Orme). From Group B and into the semi-finals went the group winner Oliver Chandran (Great Orme, Conwy) and James Yu (Stella Maris, Conwy). James Moore the top seed played and beat James Yu and the second seed Oliver Chandran beat Simon Tint by the closest of scores 21/20.
James then teamed up with Oliver to win his 2nd gold medal with the silver medals going to Matthew Mammachan (Great Orme & Cheshire) and Nandakishor Shanmugasigamani (Great Orme, Conwy)

From the U-16 Boys Singles and into the knock-out stage from Group A went Liam Hird (North East Wales) and James Moore (Great Orme/Stella Maris, Conwy) from Group B went Isaac Lof (Great Orme, Conwy) and Tomos Tustain (North East Wales) and from Group C James Maddocks (North East Wales) and Eban Jones (Great Orme, Conwy/Menai Bridge, Anglesey)
This gave two quarter-finals between Eban Jones and Tomos Tustain where Eban won and James Maddocks and James Moore where James Maddocks won. This gave matches between the top seed Liam and Eban with Liam coming out top and 2nd seed Isaac beating James Maddocks. The final was a tense affair with Liam coming out as the winner of the gold medal.
Liam then teamed up with Matthew Swash (North East Wales) to win the U-16 Boys Doubles beating Isaac Lof & Suhas Shekar (Great Orme, Conwy)

Isaac after losing two finals winning two silver medals came back to play the U-18 events and went away with two gold medals.
From Group A Kairan Bell (Amlwch, Anglesey) and Iolyn Chennell (Great Orme, Conwy) progressed to the semi-finals along with Isaac Lof (Great Orme, Conwy) and Morgan Jones (Vardre, Conwy). Into the final went Kairan and Isaac with Isaac coming away as the winner of the gold medal. From the U-18 Boys Singles group A Kiana Williams (Great Orme, Conwy) who had previously beaten Iolyn Chennell went into the U-18 Girls Singles with Emily Davies (Great Orme, Conwy) with Kiana winning the gold medal.
Kairan & Isaac teamed up together to win the U-18 Boys Doubles beating Iolyn Chennell & Morgan Jones. Kiana & Emily won the U-18 Girls Doubles.

Thanks must go to all the players and to the parents who helped score some of the games, Julie Turner for her assistance and to Pam Gibbons for running the cafe.

I look forward to the next even age tournament but before that comes about I hope to see you all in the two Badminton Wales 22nd Great Orme Junior Open Tournaments in October.

To see the full results please click here.