12 New Leaders Trained

Posted by Rob Short at 10:02 on 18 February 2014

Leadership Award in Badminton

A further 12 learners have successfully completed the Sports Leaders UK ‘Leadership Award in Badminton’ in Flintshire.  There was a good mix of club, school and 5x60 players all looking to get more involved in coaching. 

The morning session included both the planning and communications modules (Modules 1 and 2).  The candidates completed activities such as delivering a planned 5 minute warm-up by only using one of the following delivery methods: spoken instructions, demonstrations, questioning or delivering from a distance.  This gave the candidates an insight as to why using all four elements together is essential for an effective delivery.
Module 3, the badminton specific module, was delivered in the afternoon and included fun activities along with the theory element which gives the candidates the knowledge and skills required to lead a badminton session.  

Apart from the cold hall, the day went really well with a lot of promising new coaches coming through. 

I wish them lots of luck in their coaching journey!
Laura Price
Badminton Wales Development Officer (Flintshire)